Looking for a sexy, sassy kickstart for your hens do, work party, birthday party, or other special event? Beginner Dance in Heels (or flats) is the perfect group activity to make your event a hit and get you all ready for a night of antics.  You’ll practice strutting in heels and learn a short dance routine. Choose your own song and get a custom routine or choose one from Emily’s vault of ‘greatest heels dances’ *. Routines typically range from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Prepare to flip your hair, shake your body, and look amazing! No dance experience needed. Just bring your fabulous self, water bottle (for water only**, ladies!), and a pair of easy to walk in heels. Sessions are 1 hr and 15 mins for 10 to 20 people. Class is about 1 hr with 15 mins at the end for groups to film dancing and take photographs.


$25 per person for 1.25 hr class
Customization fees apply


8 Fifeshire Avenue
If you have a different space in mind, please let me know!  Location change may affect price and class size.


*All choreography taught in classes is owned by EP Dance
**Get your drink on afterwards, but absolutely no alcohol during class. Safety First!