Adult Ballet for Beginners

Sundays 11AM-12PM (resuming 3rd February 2019)
Casual $10 Class
Always wanted to learn ballet? It’s not too late! In this class for true adult beginners, you’ll learn the basics of ballet. No experience necessary. This is an accepting and warm class, designed for any adult to join. Together we will work on strength, flexibility, and grace. Please go at your own pace and do what feels safe and comfortable to you by listening to your body. This is a fun and educational class where everyone is encouraged to learn, exercise, and have fun!

Beginner Adult Dance in Heels or Flats

TBA March 2019
Workshop Block of Classes

Want to shake your booty, flip your hair, and have a blast? Thinking, “Omg I can’t even walk in heels, let alone dance in them”? Super interested in dancing and super nervous to start? Dance class in heels (or flats) is for you!
What is heels class? It’s fun and flirty dancing done in high heels. Unleash your inner diva as you learn music video style choreography. Think like a beginner version of Beyonce. The class goal is to have fun and build dance floor confidence. True beginners can take heels class: no experience needed! Feel free to dance in sneakers and switch to heels when you’re ready; you’ll be fabulous in whatever you choose.

What to Wear

In all classes: wear comfortable workout clothing that allows for movement. Suggested: leggings/sweats and a top. In Ballet: ballet shoes are recommended but socks will do the trick too. In heels class: please bring sneakers and heels as you may want to switch off between the two. Sneakers should be super comfy and easy to dance in. Heels should be closed toe, offer ankle support, and be of a height that is easy for you to walk in.

Casual Classes

Some classes are on a casual basis. Join when you can! Classes accommodate new and returning students each week. Newbies welcome each week! Please pay with cash at the door or bank transfer ahead of time.

How to Start

To start dancing, please fill out this short form.  After that, you can simply pop in for class! If class is cancelled for some reason, notice will be sent via email.